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3 weeks ago
What's your best advice for someone who suffers from severe depression? What has worked for you?

Hoping to hear something that's new to me.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.
4 weeks ago
Just a reminder to:
Be kind to yourself.
Be aware of positives in your life, and embrace positive emotions.
Learn from the past and occasionally look forward to the future; but live now.
1 month ago
Better physical health allows for better mental health. All of your body matters, including your brain. Being in optimal health (altogether) will naturally make you feel better, and make mental illness easier to cope with.

1 month ago
Just got this today. New to CBG, but not CBD. Anyone have noticeable results/benefits from it? brienblatt photo
1 month ago
So many people are saying or quoting someone who says "happiness is a choice"

How do you feel about that?

I personally can't agree. There are many factors to happiness, it's not simply a choice, especially for people (like myself) with mental health issues.
1 month ago
Someone essentially bullies people, and ends up feeling very guilty. What would you tell them? They should forgive themselves, (perhaps because they might be suffering from some trauma?) and work on becoming a better person? Or what?
Thanks for your opinion!