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4 weeks ago
A lot of people who suffer from mental health issues are experiencing more symptoms due the #COVID19 pandemic. Anxiety, panic attacks, fear and depression are the major ones.

It's important to be understanding and supportive.

Don't be afraid to reach out.

4 weeks ago
If you're negative often:

One thing you can do is practice wisdom conciousness. And learn to challenge negative interpretations.

You can be more positive & feel better.
The stuff mentioned here for example can really help!
brienblatt photo
1 month ago
I think for a long time that I've prevented myself from being happy, because of a deep self hatred issue. I don't feel that I deserve anything good, so even if I'm presented with something good, I reject it (either literally/out-right, or psychologically)

Self love is important
1 month ago
What if some anxiety (or at least, the extremes of it) can be caused by the self hatred / low self-esteem?

People who hate themselves tend to feel unworthy, which leads to expecting bad things to happen to them [because they feel they deserve it], and that's unsettling.