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2 months ago
Sometimes depression feels like it's going to last forever. I know it feels that way for me now.
Hell, maybe it WILL last forever -- which is scary & even more depressing to think about.
But either way, we have to make the best out of our time here. ⤵️
4 months ago
National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is April 27th.

Please bring any extras to a location near you to help to avoid the following:

-Environmental Risks
-Accidental Use
-Health Risks (from expired drugs)
-Intentional Misuse

Choose safe disposal!
4 months ago
Why do you people want to live? Serious question.
4 months ago
Might be going back to school. Just need some magical debt relief and financial aid. 😬 @richpeopleoftheworld
4 months ago
I'm probably late to the party, but yay for @Twitter Dark Mode on the web. 👏🏻