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4 weeks ago
I believe it's important to keep your mind active for good mental health, and as a distraction from focusing too much on negative thoughts.

You can always learn something new every day. You're never "too old."

Exercise your mind, as you should your body.

1 month ago
Survivors are usually strong minded people. Sometimes you need adaptability, good strategy / tactics, wisdom, will power -- or all of the forementioned, and possibly other things.

It's my opinion that people that with mental illness need these things to prosper.
1 month ago
You don't always have to hide your pain and scars with an "I'm fine."
2 months ago
I wonder what it would be like to live without mental/emotional pain, which manifests into physical pain. It's torture. I'm sure a lot of people with mental illness wonder the same thing.
Sometimes I am relieved of it temporarily and it's wonderful, but it never truly goes away.
2 months ago
For 2019, I hope I don't suffer much longer! #HappyNewYear #2019Hopes
2 months ago
This is a very motivational speech; not just about body building. Worth watching the whole thing, in my opinion. New year tomorrow too.