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9 hours ago
It really is difficult to reach out when you’re depressed. I know, because I am. But I did reach out to a friend, and she made me feel cared for when I feel like garbage.

I’m very thankful for @TheSarahFader and everyone else who has supported me.
1 week ago
I wish I could be stable.
#Bipolar is exhausting and frustrating at an infuriating level when you want/need to accomplish things.
1 week ago
I feel like many mental illness diagnoses are made too swiftly, and they sometimes end up being inaccurate. I've personally been to psychiatrists who ask me very little but diagnose me within 20 minutes. How do you even know enough of my history in that short amount of time?
2 weeks ago
I believe that educating kids in school about mental health and illness as a standard may help #EndTheStigma over time more than any other one thing alone. But the material has to be accurate and convey the fact that we are people and deserve respect too.

2 weeks ago
"I'm not lazy. I'm just exhausted from fighting my way through every day."