Mental Health Care Experiences

Important!! New project in the works!

Have you been belittled, intimidated, over or under medicated, felt like you weren’t listened to – that your opinion on YOUR health didn’t matter?
Have you been dropped as a patient for no good reason? Have you felt like your provider is genuinely cold hearted and just “in it for the money”?
Were you not trusted by your provider, no matter what you said? Has your provider been afraid of the symptoms caused by your mental illness!?
Have you been assaulted, or worse? There are so many things that I can’t even list here. Help me out.

 Submit your poor Mental Health Care experience here!

Although the full plan is still in the works, basically the gist of it is this:

Provide a public information exchange for both patients and health professionals based on their personal experiences, with the goal being that recurring problems in our mental health care can be worked out together.

Just to give you a few ideas (there are a LOT more, but I’m not giving them all away):

  • Both patients and professionals can register, submit information/experiences & comment on anything.
    This includes for example a psychiatrist possibly giving reason why they may have done something in a similar situation to a patient, and a patient responding to that, etc. – attempting to come to a peaceful resolve.
  • Sorting by problem type and frequency, searching by keywords, clicking on common “tags” (which can be added) etc.
  • Patients being able to add problems they worry about the most to a list, and print them out to bring to their next appointment for the health professional to see – along with giving that professional an invitation to the program, and why it is so important.

 Let’s get it going. Be among the first, before launch.

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Note: while I am doing this for absolutely free, I would like to note that I am in debt from my own poor experience. If you would like to help me out or share my own recent story, check it out here. Thank you.