So I went on a bicycle ride

I suddenly had an abnormal amount of energy today, and I decided to go on bicycle ride.

Considering that I haven’t been riding much this year, it was somewhat exhausting.
But I felt that I should use my bike (Mongoose Ledge 2.1) more anyway since I had been neglecting it.
And exercise is good for mental health, in addition to the obvious physical benefits.

In total, I rode just about 10 miles. There were a lot of hills I tried to climb, but mostly ended up walking the bike along side me for those.
I also had to take a few breaks, and ended up drinking 3 bottles of water along the way.

Oh, and I took a beautiful photo of the Susquehanna River while I was crossing a bridge!


Sadly in the end, I had someone who was nearby pick me and my bike up, because I was just not used to riding so far at once.
Note to self: start with smaller goals next time!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience and am proud of myself for actually going out and exercising like that. 🙂



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