Slight medication change 2

 Slight medication change today

After explaining to my psychiatrist that I’m still suffering from rather bad depression and anxiety, we decided to try Effexor (XR) and drop my Vistaril Rx.

Effexor is a SNRI – it’s not a mood stabilizer, but it’s used to treat both depression and anxiety. Since I’m already taking a mood stabilizer (Lamotrigine), it should be somewhat safe to take this without it pushing me into a manic episode.

We’ll see how this goes. I have high hopes, since I’ve heard good things about it from other people with bipolar disorder.

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 Update (11/25/2015)

So far I seem to have a little more energy and my mood may have lifted just slightly.
The only side effects I have are sometimes dry mouth, and I’m having somewhat frequent yawning that also causes some kind of tingly feeling throughout my body. But I can deal with that.

 Update (12/2/2015)

Just upped my dose to 75mg, which still isn’t a lot. But I feel pretty good right now! Hopefully it stays this wait for a while, or gets even better. (We started at a small dose because my psych was afraid of me becoming manic.)

Last updated: Dec 2, 2015 @ 10:05 am

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5 years ago

I realise you wrote this a wile ago but thought I’d offer something anyway. If you are still on Effexor and sometimes get side effects, my shrink put me on liquid Omega 3/6 Fish Oils (Melrose brand in Australia). I have absolutely NO yawning or tingly/zappy feelings taking about 15 to 20mls each morning and I have been on up to 600mg of Effexor/day at my worst. For the dry mouth I just sip water regularly and for dry nose and eyes I squirt a mist of weak saline solution into both whenever I notice. My depression is just unipolar- lucky me, but the doses of anti deps I have had to take to avoid feeling crook have been off the scale sometimes. Thank goodness I never had any anxiety at least.

5 years ago

^-^ I hope you’re doing better. Take care!!