Rough time lately

If you haven’t guessed based on my recent posts, I’ve been having a rough time lately.

I’m stressed over various things – including finances. Have been working on remodeling a basement and eventually moving to save money in the long run. And other “life” things.
I’m also trying to cope with a lot of the symptoms of my bipolar disorder – such as the hallucinations, depression, rapid mood cycling, med adjustments, therapy, etc.
My sleep has been absolutely terrible because of side effects from the medication, and in general I’ve been having nightmares that wake me up randomly.

So I’m not dead! I suppose that’s a good thing?
Just busy and going through a lot right now.

But I’m planning to write more soon. In the meantime, I’m just sharing a little bit about my feelings on Twitter when I get a moment.

I’m actually curious what people want to read about when they view my blog.
So if you have any ideas or suggestions about what experiences I should share or what useful information I can provide, then it would be nice if you contact me and let me know!


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