Prescription drugs? Natural supplements?

Prescription Drugs? Natural Supplements?

Many people with mental illness often take prescription drugs, including myself. But I’ve had somewhat of a dilemma lately, and have been trying out a bunch of natural supplements to help relieve anxiety and other symptoms.

prescriptions or natural medicine

It’s funny that I want to stray away from prescription drugs. For a long time, especially for a long time I’ve considered becoming a psychiatrist — and I still am considering that, although now maybe I am thinking something else in the mental health field that isn’t related to medicine may be more appropriate for me.

 But – Side effects

As I’m sure most people who have taken medicine know, there are often side effects that go along with them; some of which are tolerable – and some which aren’t. There’s also the question of question of what they are doing to my body over time, because some prescription drugs can have permanent effects on our bodies that can slowly destroy vital systems.

In my last post, I just mentioned experiencing Serotonin syndrome, for example.
I’ve also had a hell of a time suffering through Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I’m really not trying to worry you. If you’re taking medication for your mental illness and it’s working well for you, then you should definitely keep taking it — and definitely don’t stop without discussing things with your doctor.

Like I said, I still take my medication also, and I do know that it works for a lot of people. I’ve even suggested it for treatment to people, because it can be necessary!

 Where I started out

One of the reasons I started searching for an alternative to prescriptions is because I’ve been having a very difficult time quitting benzodiazepines (such as Klonopin); and I wanted something that would still relieve my anxiety when I really needed it.

After trying out a bunch of different herbs and various things I was recommended for anxiety by themselves, I didn’t end up with much relief. But then I came across a natural supplement for stress relief that actually gave me some relief within only around 30 minutes the first time I took it; and as the days went on, it seemed to improve effectiveness, which was surprising! You can read about by clicking that link.

If it keeps working, that’ll be so awesome. I’m hoping that I won’t need benzos at all anymore; I’ve already lowered my dose significantly.

 What’s next?

It’s complicated to actually come up with something natural that works for mental illness, especially since I don’t believe there’s a one size fits all. It’s like that with prescription drugs too; often it can take years to find the right medications and become stable on them – depending on how (un)lucky you are. There’s also less research into the natural supplement area, although it would be nice if we focused more on it.

I have had a lot of suggestions through Twitter and may consider trying some out over time though, but it’s really very risky to me – or anyone – to mess around too much if we’re stable as is.

So all I can say for now is, “we’ll see.”




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