Living in the moment

Although I haven’t written in a while, my state has changed to a more depressed, stressed and anxious one than previously.

I saw my therapist today and thought I would take a brief moment to share something she shared with me today.

Living in the moment

It’s a simple concept. Focus your thoughts more on the time that you’re in right now, and on what you’re doing at the moment.

But oddly, I hadn’t thought about it too much in a serious way until now.
I believe it’s a good concept and way to avoid a lot of unnecessary ‘down’ feelings.
Why let my focus drift to and become stuck on the thoughts of things that are bringing me down? Things that -might- happen in the future, things that happened in the past — things I can’t change. I’m not saying I shouldn’t worry about things that I can and have to change to some extent, but obsessing over them all the time will never leave any room to feel good. I can’t let that control me.

Not so easy

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always let my negative feelings override almost everything positive about the moments I experience.
Part of this may be due to my racing thoughts, which makes it more difficult for me to focus in general.
I feel that this had made it an incredible challenge for me to “live in the moment” because whether I want to or not, my mind seems to be bombarded with other, unrelated thoughts – and a lot of them are negative.
This surely affects how I feel on a daily basis, including how I perceive and remember events.

I’m working on it…

So far it’s proven very difficult for me, but I am going to keep reminding myself of this and try my best to focus on the moment I’m in.
As long it’s not going to endanger me or worsen my situation in the long run, it should relieve some of the negative symptoms that I encounter so often. Otherwise, I am just needlessly bringing myself down constantly.



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