Hallucinations. Had a few tonight. 1

So, I just had multiple hallucinations within a period of 20 minutes.

I wrote down some of this right after it happened, because I had no other outlet until I finally texted a friend.

Basically it went like this:

I was dreaming about being with a girl and playing around in my room, seeing a huge moth and hiding under the covers to giggle about it – which in itself I suppose is a little odd.
Anyway, I suddenly woke up — feeling as if I was being jabbed in my left side, by what I would describe as a “being” or force from another world. I was “shocked” awake again, but it was different this time.

I looked across the room, and saw a tri-color cat – which seemed to be ancient and “Egyptian”-style dressed. I was obviously startled, and for some reason decided to throw my blanket at it. I’m not sure why I did that, I guess it was the first thing in my hand and I wouldn’t really want to hurt a cat anyway – but I probably had a feeling it wasn’t real. When I went to retrieve the blanket, there was nothing there – as I somewhat expected.

I decided to go outside to smoke a cigarette in attempt to calm down and maybe go back to sleep after. But instead of calming down, it only got worse. I saw a ghostly image of a girl looking up at me from ~40 ft. away, and “waving” me to come over to her. I closed my eyes, saying “this isn’t real, this isn’t real”; but when I opened them again, the girl was still there — she smiled/grinned at me, then slowly faded away.

After a few more minutes, the van (vehicle) I was looking at begin to turn into a big evil “clown” – with the taillights becoming the eyes…
(normally, I almost never think of or see clowns)
I had enough of that, and went back inside. Feeling very paranoid at this point, I felt as if there was going to be something in the mirror – had I looked, but I refused to. I decided to focus my energy on writing down my experience, and just sat there feeling very “tingly” as if my hair was standing up all over my body with the light on for about 10 minutes afterwards.

And that’s about it…

This may not seem like a lot, but when it’s very REAL and convincing to you – trust me, it can be scary …and it’s been keeping me awake since ~1:30 AM, so yet again I was not able to sleep a full night. I haven’t been able to sleep for more than 3-6 hours in nearly a month at this point.

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