Easy to make, delicious vegan wrap

Just ate this wonderful vegan wrap creation of mine and thought I would share in case anyone’s interested.


Note: if you want something crunchy too, you can consider Fresh Gourment Crispy Jalapenos or a similar product.

Of course, you can substitute these with different brands, your own marinated tofu, tomatoes and spices of your choice.
I just prefer these because it makes it very quick, easy – and suits my taste well.


  1. Lay the wrap down flat on a (paper) plate.
  2. Spread amount of hummus that you would like with a knife. Note: I prefer to mix all of the spices in the container for the hummus beforehand.
  3. Place a decent amount of (but not too much) broccoli sprouts on the hummus.
  4. Take out one cube of the tofu from the package, and break it into about 4-6 little pieces (with your hand – if they’re clean! or a knife),
    then lay them in a line across the middle on top of the hummus.
  5. Sprinkle some of the mozzarella shreds on top of that.
  6. Dice one small to medium sized tomato into 3-4 pieces, and spread them out in a line.
  7. Add seasoning
  8. Optionally add crispy onions/jalapenos, and whatever else you want.
  9. Fold the wrap.
  10. Eat!


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