An unbelievably cold person.

An unbelievably cold person

triggered a deep rage…

inside of me last night that I’ve managed to control very well for years. But I’ve been going through a lot lately and it took a LOT to calm me down this time.

It was suggested that I expose this woman for who she is – shame her even, but I discussed it with my friend and she begged me not to.
As much as I would LOVE to do that and feel this woman deserves it, I have to respect my friend’s feelings on the matter.

For a long time, my friend has told me that her grandmother has treated her poorly. She would criticize her weight, looks in general, clothing choices and even the type of things she enjoys to do as a hobby. This has always bothered me a lot, but it wasn’t very often or serious enough for me to feel like I needed to do anything about it other than know that I very much disliked this woman and assume that she may possibly have her own issues that she’s taking out on others.

My friend has suffered from some sort of immunodeficiency disease for most of her life, and has been continuously physically ill. Now, she has cancer.

My friend has cancer.

Last night, her grandmother came into my friend’s room, sat on her bed, caressed her hair sweetly, and said “you should die sooner rather than later” … her reasoning: my friend is using up the families resources / money.


I couldn’t believe this is real. I immediately got extremely protective, flipped out, I was ready to run out the door and go KILL (excuse me, hurt.) this woman. At least, that was my initial reaction until my friend calmed me down and begged me NOT to. Keep in my mind, I’m normally a TEDDY BEAR. I’m extremely KIND, I care about people a LOT and I don’t want to hurt ANYONE. BUT DAMN! This.. woman.. is she even a woman? You know?? I called her some very bad names to say the least.
I said I at least want to give her a piece of my mind!! “Can I talk to her??“, I said. Of course she denied me that too, because I was in such a rage.
I just couldn’t believe it. I know I said that, but I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I STILL CAN’T. It is so fucked up, sad.

People can be so cruel, heartless and selfish.

She made me friend feel worthless, she was crying, she said “I hope I do just die” .. when I’m wishing every day that she will live and survive this terrible disease she’s been forced to deal with. She doesn’t need people like this around her.

On top of that, her grandmother is an ER nurse and apparently brings home medication¬† – that, as far as I know, is illegal to do! AND this scares us both, because what if she poisons or kills my friend? We really wouldn’t doubt it at this point! She obviously WANTS her to die!!
I told my friend we have to do something about this ASAP. I said we could get evidence (the medicine etc.) and call the police, but I don’t know if that’s enough.
I told her to tell everyone she knows about what’s happening, to write it down as well, take photos, send me and multiple other people copies of it signed, even videos if she can get them.
I want this woman gone and I want my friend SAFE.

She has apparently talked to her mother and told her she’s going to call the police if the grandmother isn’t kicked out by Monday. GOOD, I said. Her Mom, apparently agreed to it. But my friend doubts she will actually do it. We’ll see.. we both hope it happens. She can’t stay there, that’s for sure.

I am even tempted to take my friend into my place, but I can’t pretend that I can take care of her or afford that.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.


If you would be kind enough, please consider donating to my GoFundMe FOR HER. If you can’t donate, PLEASE share it!!
(she is very stubborn about taking money, especially from strangers — but I will make sure she gets it, even if I have to give it to her family without telling her)


I took the campaign down. Thank you so much to everyone who donated; we appreciate it greatly!

Thank you so much for reading.
This was mostly for me to vent, but I would love suggestions on how to help her more as well.


We got her grandmother out of the house. Her mom did tell the grandmother she had to leave by Monday (a few days after I originally posted this) — and also kept my friend away from the grandmother so she didn’t have to deal with the way she reacted. I’m so glad and relieved with this. Hopefully nothing else happens. I realize we may have been a bit paranoid, but it was really messed up to do that to someone you supposedly love especially. Maybe she has an undiagnosed mental illness too; I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t judge. Who knows? Anyway… <3

Also, please keep in mind that when I say I would “kill/hurt” her that I was speaking in rage and not that I would actually do that. I am sure many people can relate to this feeling / way of speech.

Newer update:

My friend has gotten extensive surgery and has an extended outlook; although is still not likely to fully recover, this is a great thing. I’m hopeful that things will still improve.




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