Vitamin list


Normally, multivitamins are safe. However, I am not a medical professional of any kind.
The decision to take any kind of vitamins/supplements should be discussed with your doctor.
I’m simply listing some of the supplements that I use.

I do not suggest taking anything I list here without:

  • doing your own research
  • determining any possible risk factors
  • consulting a professional


Current vitamins

  • Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement
    (Click to read more or if you’re interested in purchasing.)“Multivitamins give people sufficient amounts of both vitamins and minerals that their current diet may not be providing.
    They can improve many bodily functions and assist with mental health. They can also help decrease stress.”
    I like the a large variety of Deva Vegan’s vitamins because – well, they are vegan!
    They’re affordable, and contain a decent amount of all required vitamins.
    They also work well for me.
  • VegLife Vegan B-Complex
    (Click to read more or if you’re interested in purchasing.)“These essential nutrients help convert our food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day”
    See also: Vegetarian Diet and B12 Deficiency
  • I also take a natural anxiety supplement called Anxietin, which you can read about in detail by clicking that link.


Previous vitamins

  • Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X (Vegetarian Capsules)
    (Click to read more or if you’re interested in purchasing.)This was one of the best multivitamins I came across in the past.
    I remember reading about it having high bioavailability; and I believe it was rated one of the best multivitamins a few years ago.
    I’m going to look for that source and update this when I find it.Includes a nice array of trace minerals that typical multivitamins don’t have.
    “Minerals play a variety of essential roles throughout the body.  It is thought that the typical Western diet may not supply enough trace minerals to support optimal health and wellbeing.The only problem is that it became a bit too expensive for me on a regular basis.
    I would still highly recommend it though if you can afford it, as I actually felt a nice improvement to my energy, moods and health in general.

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