mental illness

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Mental Illness

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Information about Bipolar Disorder What is Bipolar Disorder? My personal experience with Bipolar Disorder My experience with the racing thoughts associated with Bipolar Disorder How I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (story) Coping skills Psychosis associated with my Bipolar Disorder Ultra-rapid cycling (possibly worsened by medication) External resources YouTube Bipolar […]

Bipolar Disorder

What Bipolar Disorder is for me You may have read, or want to read What is Bipolar Disorder anyway? to get a general understanding of bipolar disorder first. This article, however, is based on my personal experience of suffering with it. Bipolar has caused several issues for me, such as: […]

Bipolar disorder: my personal experience and what it is for ...

I feel like going on a bit of rant. And it’s mainly about the stigma attached to Bipolar Disorder, along with other mental illnesses. If you’re one of those people that instantly judges and discriminates against someone solely based on the fact that they’re diagnosed with a mental illness, then […]

Mental illness and the stigma attached to it