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 About Brien Blatt

The look I didn’t get to decide:


Years of suffering (age): 33

Location: NY, USA

Known issues:

  • Bipolar Disorder I with some psychotic features (rapid cycling)
    More recently, I’ve had a second opinion of being Schizoaffective, Bipolar type. But treatment is the same either way.

  • Possibly also Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • See also: My medication list
  • Unfortunately, in late 2016, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as well.


  • A lot less than I used to have – due to depression, mood swings, racing thoughts, anxiety, etc.
    However, I still enjoy some things.
    If I don’t do these things now, I did in the past and would still like to.
  • Software programming (C#, C++, Delphi)
  • Building custom PCs (I can do this for you, contact me!)
  • Tinkering with random gadgets and electronics.
  • Designing random useful things, even if I don’t end up making them or doing anything with them.
  • Customizing anything; I once modified an Xbox to the point it was almost unidentifiable…
  • Electronic music creation. (not implying that I’m good at it)
  • Listening to music
  • Riding ATVs. I wish I still had my Yamaha Banshee.
  • And more I will add later

Potential goals in life:

  • Become more stable by overcoming my mental illness
  • Have a more enjoyable life in general
  • Find a cure or better treatment for bipolar disorder to help everyone
  • Start and manage my own (online) gaming company
  • Become an electronic engineer, or architect


  • I have one of those awesome fathers. And ..something.. like a mother.
    Just kidding, I love both of them.I look up to my father; he’s always worked hard, he’s intelligent, does things well/right, and has good morals.
    He’s also very supportive of me, even though I’ve made a lot of mistakes and have not lived up to my promises at times.My mother is supportive as well, especially lately, and I’m very happy about that.
    We’ve had some rough times in the past, but I’ve mostly gotten over it.
    She has a strong outgoing personality, which can be unsettling at times in public. But there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just how she is, and I accept her for that – just how she accepts me for who I am.
  • I also have two lovely, supportive sisters.
    One is very talented and artistic, and one is a moody ( 🙂 ) workaholic.They’re both awesome, and I look up to them as well since in some ways they have achieved more than me – partially due to my mental issues and how it’s impacted/delayed my productivity in life.


  • I have some fish (across 4 tanks), including:
    – 6 Fancy gold fish
    – 7 Corydoras
    – 10 Tiger barbs
    – 6 Zebra danios
    – Siamese algae eater
    – 6 Black skirted tetras

    (Need new photos)

  • Have a cat named Lilith (Lily for short, which is what I mainly call her)
    These photos are from when she was a kitten. Need to get some new ones.
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Now that you’ve read some about my, why don’t you check out the rest of my site?! 🙂

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