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As you may already be aware, dealing with Bipolar Disorder makes every day life harsh for me. Even while on medication, I have a lot of issues that at times even complicate the simple things in life.
I also haven’t been able to hold a steady job in years. And unfortunately, I’m also struggling financially because of it.

My car was repossessed and I haven’t had my own vehicle in over 6 years, for example. Sometimes I have trouble just buying food, let alone “extra” things.

So while I am embarrassed to admit that, and I hate asking for handouts – that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because I have very few other options at this point in my life.

With that said, if you’d be kind enough to read more about why I’m asking for donations – and either share the link with someone who might, or consider donating a small amount yourself, I would highly appreciate it.

Recently, I have been royally f*cked by the mental health care system.
In response, I have set up a donation page.
You can visit it here. I would very much appreciate if you would donate, or at least share it!
Click here to go to my donation page, please!

I have a public Amazon wish list available for donations.
If you’d like, you can browse through it and order items for me by shipping to the “gift recipient” (me), which would help me out a lot.
Whether you only have a few dollars to spend, or hundreds – anything would be highly appreciated and really helps out a lot.
There are times where I literally don’t have a dollar on me. You can pick and know exactly what your donation is.

Click here to see browse through my Amazon Wish List

Another option is directly sending me money via PayPal with your bankaccount or credit/debit card.
Send money to Brien Blatt via PayPal

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Thanks for your help!

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